DaEun Choi

Call me Diane!

I am an undergraduate student of School of Computing, KAIST, and studying Bio&Brain Engineering as a double major. I am working as a research intern in KIXLAB(KAIST Interaction Lab), and have worked as a developer and designer in several fields. I'm interested in HCI, especially AI-infused creativity supporting tools, digital well-being, and online learning.

Contact Me

πŸ“§ Email | daeun.choi@kaist.ac.kr / daeun.choi98@gmail.com

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πŸ’Ό Careers

Undergraduate Research Intern

KIXLAB(KAIST Interaction Lab), Daejeon, Korea 2021.01 - Current

(Current) Research on building interactive platform with videos of robotic surgery and various ways to interact with videos for improved learning, discussion, and discovery.

(Past) Research on enhancing user-side customization on website using AI recommendation system, voice, and clicks. This project was submitted as a paper in CHI 2022.

Undergraduate Research Intern

NMSL(Networking & Mobile Systems Lab), Daejeon, Korea 2020.08 - 2020.12

Research on feature-level fine-grained smartphone usage tracking and intervention development for digital well-being. This project was published as a paper in CSCW 2021.

Software Architect Intern

LG CNS, Seoul, Korea 2020.01 - 2020.02 (6 Weeks)

Participated <IT core talent Academy> program of LG CNS. I took 1 week training session about the overall content of architecture, and 5 weeks individual project as a software architect. I experienced architecting and implementing architecture for large scale web services by building AWS development/operation servers, web service infrastructure, and CI/CD server load balancing.

πŸ“ƒ Publications

Reflect, not Regret: Understanding Regretful Smartphone Use with App Feature-Level Analysis

Hyunsung Cho, DaEun Choi, Donghwi Kim, Wan Ju Kang, Eun Kyoung Choe, and Sung-Ju Lee

ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) 2021.

Best Paper Award, Methods Recognition

✨ Projects


Design Project of KAIST CS492E: Human-AI Interaction 2021 Spring

A recommendation system for songs to sing at karaoke. Based on the user's current situation (who they are with, how they feel) and 1~5 favorite songs, system recommends songs based on ML model.

Frontend / Backend / ML Model / Video


Design Project of KAIST CS473:Introduction to Social Computing 2020 Fall

Communication service where students taking the same course to share lecture materials and quizzes. There are three main features: (1) Sharing lecture slides where users can collaboratively add their notes and comments on each page. (2)

Best Crowdsourcer Honorable Mention / Github / Video


SPARCS newbie project 2020 Fall

Frontend / Backend

Student-led KLMS Redesign Team

KAIST, Daejeon, Korea 2021.06 - 2021.08 (3 months)

KLMS is the LMS system used by KAIST. KLMS was reorganized in the spring of 2021, which raised various usability issues. To solve this problem, we collected and analyzed inconveniences, presented new UI/UX guidelines, and prototyped new designs. It was conducted with the support of KAIST Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

Amateur UI/UX Designer & Developer

SPARCS, Daejeon, Korea 2019.03 - Current

I am working as a designer/developer of KAIST's Special Board of Computing, SPARCS (System Programmers' Association for Research Computer Systems). I am working on improving various services of SPARCS to be more user friendly and designing new services.

Mad Camp

KAIST, Daejeon, Korea 2019.07 - 2019.08 (4.5 Weeks)

With 4.5 weeks of intensive coding, I developed one service per week, a total of four services. I worked as a two-person team, and mainly responsible for developing frontend.

🌡 Other Experiences

KAIST Undergraduate Research Participation(URP) Program

Title: Enhancing the UI Design Iteration and Feedback Process with Voice and Clicks 2021 Winter/Spring

President of undergraduate of School of Computing

KAIST, Daejeon, Korea 2019.02 - 2020.01 (1 year)

Planning Committee of KAIST 50th Anniversary Student Conference

Leader of DesignΒ·Website Team 2020.06 - 2021.02 (8 months)

Mainly in charge of developing Pioneers2071 homepage

Head of Design&Technology Team of Undergraduate Association

KAIST, Daejeon, Korea 2020.02 - 2021.01 (1 year)

Mainly in charge of developing KAIST UA homepage

CS101 Teaching Assistant

KAIST, Daejeon, Korea 2019 Spring - 2021 Spring (5 semesters)

Lab Assistant

IBS Center for Cognition and Sociality, Daejeon, Korea 2019.03 - 2019.12 (10 months)

πŸ† Awards / Scholarships

Dean's List

College of Engineering, KAIST 2020 Fall

Awarded to the students within the top 3% of GPA in school/department. (Granted with a GPA of 4.3/4.3 in 2020 Fall Semester)

KAIST Exemplary Conduct Scholarship

1 milion KRW 2019 August

Annually awarded to twenty undergraduate students who have shown exemplary conduct (in exemplary conduct/volunteering/contribution categories)

Misook Lim Scholarship

1 milion KRW 2021 Fall

Awarded to female students who major in computer science in KAIST in every semester.

πŸ›  Skills

Programming Languages

Python, Java, Javascript, C, C++, C#, HTML/CSS, SQL, MATLAB, R, Scala

Web Development

ReactJS, Next.js, NodeJS, Flask, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL


CSS, Bootstrap, Ant Design, Material Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, Adobe XD, Zeplin

Other Skills

Android Development, Unity, Git, DevOps, AWS, Linux, Shell


Korean πŸ‡°πŸ‡· Native

English 🌎 Fluent

πŸ“š Education

B.S. in School of Computing, KAIST

2017.02 - 2022.02 (Expected)

Double Major in Bio&Brain Engineering

GPA: 3.87 / 4.3 Magna Cum Laude (Expected)

M.S. in School of Computing, KAIST

2022.02 (Expected) -

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